PT Mitra Berdikari Abadi (MBA)

Mitra Berdikari Abadi (MBA) is an Indonesian company led by Marcos Chow and Edi Suwoto, alongside a team of IT and financial experts. With offices in multiple countries, MBA specializes in digitalizing and transforming businesses in collaboration with NGOs and semi-government institutions. Their core businesses include IT financial solutions, services, and infrastructure aimed at community development. Utilizing 19 integrated "Super apps," they focus on building databases within large communities (Big Data) and offer a range of services from core banking to transportation and remittance systems, all designed to empower and facilitate community growth.

The company operates in three core business:

  1. IT Financial Solutions,
  2. IT Financial Services and
  3. IT Financial Infrastucture with focus in empowering, enabling and facilitating community development.

It focuses in database building through large communities with established member base (Big-Data), using 17 proprietary and fuly integratedl Super apps equipped with a mini-core banking app for Saving & Loan management, a complete member registration system KYC compliant, a chat/messenger, voice and video calls, News and Event Management, Video Conferencing app, Job Search, online Transport app (Ride sharing, food/parcel delivery), Remittance and Payment system, an on-line Financial Transaction gallery for phone top up, bill payment, hotel/train/airline reservation system, a GPS dashboard for location management, a Smart building/city management solution, crowd-founding app used for donation management.

Existing Partners includes:

  1. NU (Nahdatul Ulama), the largest Islamic organization with 93 million members with scope ranging from digitalizing (business process and content), of its 12,000 boarding schools (Pesantren) with an estimated 16 million students, including parents, teachers, alumni and suppliers (SMEs) and
  2. APPSI (Association of Traders) and INKOPPAS (Association of cooperatives of traders) in the Traditional markets, with 12,000 outlets and 15 million traders (SMEs).
  3. Cross-Border payments and Remittance thru the corridor of Malaysia-Indonesia (estimated 3.5 million with legal work permit) and Malaysia-Bangladesh (Estimated 170,000 with legat in cooperation with Al-Rajhi bank, the largest Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Launched, The First-fully Integrated Creative Virtual Techno Café & Digital-Koperasi - This Digital-Koperasi with a model head office will offer all services offered by banks with a teller, core banking, Deposit insurance, Internet and mobile banking, e-wallet and issuing ATM cards, other cooperative joining must pass certification and must use central systems and procedures.

Integrated with Executive Co-work space and Start-up Incubator Center providing Micro-Business-Advisory (MBA) Services. Following our AAA Technology Strategy (Anytime-Any Place-Any Device).

The company offers: multiple payments systems, remittance, merchants acquiring, e-Commerce and other related value added products and services throughout ASEAN region (10 countries) and the Pacific Rim, including Korea, China and Japan.

facePay technology is the most important selling feature of our app, combined with our Dynamic QR code and our Virtual Account Management app to be used in a closed loop environment with a captive market of 15 million students who are not allowed to hv a cellular while in school and for our 12 million traders (SMEs) in traditional market.

Our new app's features and functionalities separate us from the crowd and we deliver a winning solution to be able to compete with the more established giants, like wechatPay, aliPay, OvoPay, facebookPay. To be unique and competitive our facePay function must be the fastest, most reliable, safer and cheaper Payment app in the country.

Our aim is to be first and only super app dominating the Indonesian marketplace and to become a national payment system. this is the app we will be using for our E-wallet with facePay techology and Remittance project. IOS and Android versión upcoming, already has multiple language selection.

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